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When photographing the iris, the field of view is complex and requires photographic equipment capable of capturing superfine details, accurate colours and an overall image that is clear and true to life.  Despite many advances in digital compact camera technology and the presence of some new technical and whiz bang features … the digital COMPACT camera, range doesn’t hold a candle to the digital SLR camera range, when it comes to photographing irises!

To get the best iris photographs and the best value for your money  … invest in an Iris Photography system the incorporates a digital SLR camera.


Iris Cam Platforms

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Do you already own a digital camera?

Are you holding your camera by hand to take iris photographs ?

Would you like to take consistently clearer iris photographs ?

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Digital System

Iris Cam Digital Iridology System

Exceptional iris photographs can be achieved by combining our lightweight, portable Platform,  with the highest quality, latest technology digital iris camera equipment on the market.


Simple and easy to use 

Even the most non-equipment oriented people easily grasp the straightforward steps to photograph, print, or display exceptional quality iris photographs.

Great iris photographs of exceptional quality and clarity

can only be achieved by using a Digital SLR camera.