Who Is IrisCam?

Fiona and Ron Stephens
Fiona &  Ron Stephens – founders, designers and manufacturers of the IrisCam range of products.


is an Australian owned family business who have been designing, manufacturing and supplying practitioners of Iridology with iris cameras and iris photography systems since the early 1990’s.


was developed by Fiona Stephens and her father Ron Stephens and is more than just a manufacturing and sales company. Fiona is a qualified and accredited Herbalist who has run her own successful clinical practice for over 25 years.  Ron is semi-retired, with a mechanical and carpentry background and is an active person with various interests.  Both have enjoyed a photographic hobby life and working on projects together.


The First


Graduate – Mach IV

The Film SLR
Iris Photography System

The first iris photography system was developed during Fiona’s final year of study at the Dorothy Hall College of Herbal Medicine in 1991.  The system was put straight into use in Fiona’s clinical practice that year with great success.  Within a year or two, Dorothy Hall invited Fiona to photograph irises for her yearly intake of college students.  In response to demand from students and graduates throughout Australia, Fiona and Ron went on to develop and launch an up-graded and affordable Iris Photography system … The Graduate – Mach II.


Original platforms housed a 35 mm Film SLR camera and associated equipment and produced consistent, reliable, exceptional quality photographs, under all circumstances.


The Digital Revolution …


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In the late 1990’s, as demand for on-the-spot photography increased … and with major technological advances in digital photography, research was undertaken with the aim of introducing a digital iris camera range. It soon became evident that the digital compact camera range would be unsuitable for iris photography. Instead, a digital SLR camera would be the most effective camera for iris photographs.


At that time, Digital SLR camera’s were available that could produce good quality photographs, similar to that achieved with the film SLR camera, but the cost of the camera alone was around $6000, making a quality digital system out of reach for most natural health practitioners.


Front View Digital SLR

Rear View Digital SLR

The Latest


In late 2003 Canon released their Digital SLR camera for under $2000. This made it possible for Fiona and Ron to design and supply a state of the art Digital SLR Iris Photography System, equaling the level of quality produced by their Film System.


While researching this major advance in digital technology, a re-design of the original platform was also undertaken, with the aim of streamlining and achieving a more modern, compact, lightweight and easily portable platform.


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In early 2004, the Digital SLR Iris Photography System was launched. This system produces the best quality digital iris photographs of any digital iris camera on the market today.  By combining IrisCam’s portable platforms with Canon’s superior quality photographic equipment … The Digital SLR genuinely provides the best value for your money.


What Stands For …

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have a reputation for providing affordable, reliable, simple and easy to use Iris Photography systems … and the digital range is no exception. Even the most non-equipment oriented people, will easily grasp the straightforward steps to photographing, printing or displaying exceptional quality iris photographs.


Each system comes with a detailed operations manual, warranty and full technical support …  systems are widely used in practices throughout Australia today.  Check our testimonials page for what people have to say about us!