Iris Cam … leading the way for over 20 years in the field of …

Iridology Cameras and Iris Photography systems

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Enhance your clinical professionalism!

Australia’s Premier Iris Photography System Supplier

 Australia’s first and foremost portable desktop Iris Photpography system supplier … leading the way for over  twenty years in the field of iris cameras and iridology photography systems.

Healthcare professionals such as Naturopaths, Clinical Nutritionists, Herbalists and Homeopaths love our iris photography systems

Iridology Cameras with State of the Art Technology!

Incorporating portable PLATFORMS with world class DIGITAL iris camera equipment …  Platforms are lightweight, compact, easily transported and offer essential client comfort.  The logical arrangement of controls provide an easy to use platform that is excellent for both viewing the iris and for iris photography!  Comprised of equipment and materials of the latest technology, highest quality and standards …

Genuine Value for Your Money

 Digital Iris Photography systems are genuine value for your money!

Australian owned, designed and built … is an established family business since 1990.