Which Digital Camera?

Which Digital Camera is Best for Iris Photography?  In both the film and the digital camera world, there are two types of cameras … SLR and COMPACT cameras.


Digital SLR Camera VS Digital COMPACT Camera


Digital SLR Cameras …

SLR is short for Single Lens Reflex and refers to professional or high end cameras that provide exceptional quality, capacity and versatility. They have detachable zoom lenses that can take additional specialist attachments such as teleconverters, close-up filters, extension tubes, macro lenses etc.  All of which can be useful in photographing complex subjects such as the iris. These are the cameras that are used by serious and professional photographers and are the best cameras for iris photography.


Digital COMPACT Cameras …

Generally compact cameras are smaller in size and they have lenses that are of a lesser quality and capability, which are built into the camera.  Most are unable to accept additional lens attachments and are incapable of focussing sufficiently close enough to the iris to produce an image that is useful for iridology.  In addition, usually the image will need to be cropped or trimmed to the maximum level and this will further decrease the resolution and overall quality of the photograph.  Many compact cameras also have an inferior megapixel setup, even if they boast the same number of megapixels as an SLR, they are often arranged differently … all of which results in an obviously inferior iris photograph.



When photographing the iris, the field of view is complex and requires photographic equipment capable of capturing superfine details, accurate colours and an overall image that is clear and true to life.  Despite many advances in digital compact camera technology and the presence of some new technical and whiz bang features … the digital COMPACT camera, range doesn’t hold a candle to the digital SLR camera range, when it comes to photographing irises!

To get the best iris photographs and the best value for your money  … invest in an Iris Photography system the incorporates a digital SLR camera.