How to Ensure  ‘Genuine Value’  for Your Money


Once you have decided to invest your hard earned money in an Iris Photography System, you will want to ensure you genuinely get the best value for your money.  To help you achieve this, we offer a summary of factors to take into consideration when doing your research.  Hopefully this information will help you feel more comfortable about your investment … and to know the system you are buying is genuine value for money.

Consider the following primary questions …


Does the system produce exceptional quality iris photographs ?


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  •  Compare the end result – how good are the actual iris photographs that are produced by the system you are considering?
  • Are the colours natural and true to life?  The most important part of an iris is the colour … and to reproduce natural colours, an iris photography system must have appropriate lighting.  Don’t forget to compare your photograph to the original Iris!
  • Are the fibres clearly visible?  The quality of the lens, the ability of the computer chip within the camera and the way the mega pixels are arranged on that chip, will determine how clear and concise your iris photographs will be.  For more details about this see our Digital SLR vs COMPACT camera information page.


How user friendly is the system … for both you and your client ?    IrisCam x 3


  • How reliable is the advertised end result?  Can you reproduce an exceptional photograph in one go, or does it take six shots to get a centred, in-focus iris photograph?
  •  Can you use the system to view the iris?  Can you see the iris clearly through the lens – so you can be sure the photograph you take is the one you want to keep?  With a high quality, state of the art system you should not have to take more than one photograph of each iris – this saves consultations time!
  • How easy is the system to use?  Do you have to hold the system up to the iris by hand, or does it contain a steady platform?  Do you have to take multiple shots to get one good image?  A platform eliminates hand shake which can cause out of focus images that needing to be retaken, wasting consultation time and money.
  • How comfortable is the system for your client?  Often Iridologists wish to buy an Iris Camera because a hand held torch is simply too intrusive.  Does the system you are considering include a dedicated chin rest, offering your client greater comfort and a sense of non-intrusion on their personal space?  Or do you have to hold the system by hand right up close to the iris – an intrusive process for you and your client.
  • Is the system portable yet sturdy enough to protect delicate camera equipment?  Portable equipment often ends up being damaged equipment and hand held units can be easily dropped or knocked off benches. Portable is essential, especially if you have multiple clinic locations … but consider the value of the components of an iris photography system.  A sturdy, lightweight platform can offer the best of both worlds for you, your equipment and the comfort of your client.


Is the manufacturer providing value goods for their profit ?     


  • Check the retail price of the commercial equipment involved in the iris photography system, with a reliable retail outlet. Ask for the make and model of the camera components and if the system comes with a printer, computer or monitor, also get those details, then check the retail prices of these items.
  • Subtract the cost of the commercial equipment from the advertised price of the iris photography system.
  • Taking into consideration the manufacturer will be passing on GST, subtract an amount for GST (10% of the advertised price of the iris photography system).
  • The figure you are left with will roughly equate to the profit made by the manufacturer, and usually has to cover materials and labour plus general costs associated with running a small business.
  • Taking the profit figure into consideration … have a serious look at the equipment the manufacturer is providing iris macro photographyand see if it looks like it is worth the money.  Look at the details, not just the big picture. Does it appear to involve many hours of work to assemble?  Does it comprise complex preparation processes or materials of a high quality and/or expensive nature?
  • How solid and durable are the components provided by the manufacturer?  Do they look cheap to produce, have they been mass manufactured or are they hand made with attention to detail and durability?
  • Is the system Australian made – or are there major parts made overseas.  Ask where the components come from and where they are put together. Overseas parts may not be as readily available.  If Australian made, the cost of manufacture will generally be higher … and so will the quality!

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At we have 20 years of experience in the business of Iris Photography … and the manufacturing of Iris Photography systems.   Whilst we do have a product to sell, we also sincerely care about the Iridology industry and its practitioners.


If you have any questions you would like to clarify about iris photography or about iris photography systems … or you just want to talk to someone with experience before you invest your money, don’t hesitate to contact us either by email, or phone.