Bio-Energetic Medicine Course: Syllabus

Module 1:   The Principles of Energy Medicine

The physics of energy; Electro-magnetic fields; Definitions; History and philosophy; Paradigms; Bio-chemical anatomy; Evolution to Mind-Body; Bio-energetic anatomy; The Aura and Subtle Bodies (super-conscious, conscious and sub-conscious aspects).


Module 2:   The Applications of Energy Medicine

Radionics, the Pendulum and Dowsing; Kinesiology; Introduction to EAV; Radionics and EAV principles; Modern techniques; Advantages and disadvantages of EAV; Objectivity and accuracy; Preparing for EAV testing (focus and intention); Disorder control; Framework; Measuring and monitoring methods; Remedy testing and selection.


Module 3:   The Modalities of Energy Medicine

An overview of Traditional Chinese Medicine; Advanced homoeopathic principles and therapies (simplex, complex, drainage, nosodes and homaccord programs); Miasms (inherited information); Flower essences.


Module 4:   Energy Medicine Practical Treatment Methods

Day 1 … Introduction & overview of practical skills; Open forum for questions and concerns Techniques for healing the subtle anatomy: Well Being Analysis; ERT – Emotional Release Technique. Day2 … Optimal Emotional Path Therapy, Dreams – the Language of the Sub-conscious; Open forum and practical review.

Module 5:   Energy Medicine & External Health Influences 

Food as energy medicine or toxic substance (Food allergies, intolerances and addictions; Immune responses to foods; Comprehensive food testing in theory and reality). Organic toxicity (Mucous – natural protection and organic toxin; Acid and Alkaline ash foods; Cleansing routines for impacted mucous). In-organic toxicity (Chemicals; Out-gassing; Indoor pollution; Pesticides and herbicides; Heavy metals). Geopathic stress (Natural and man made; Electromagnetic stresses; Assessment and correction of Geopathic stress).


Module 6:   Energy Medicine and the Immune System

The Subtle Immune System (current views); The Emotional – Immune connection; Clinical notes and experience. Common pathogens and how they work in reality (Bacteria, Parasites, Moulds, Candida); Viral pathogens (Overview; DNA/RNA Viruses; Specific viral keys; Emotional environments; Energetic memory Patterns; Management of chronic viral influences); Case studies.


Module 7:    Advanced Energy Medicine in Practice

Day 1 … Practical skills review; Realistic Practice Management. Day 2 … Final practical assessment; Questions and concerns; Final notes and suggestions from your presenters; Open forum and conclusion.