Bio-Energetic Medicine Course: Evolution

Bio-Energetic Medicine Course: Evolution

Offering students and graduates of complimentary health modalities … extended professional skills for today’s leading edge clinical practice.

Providing up to date information and comprehensive tuition in the theoretical background and practical applications of Energy Medicine and Bio-Energetic methods of analysis.

Originally Dorothy Hall Graduates … Cath and Fiona have evolved their empirical knowledge, by undertaking several post graduate courses, whilst both managing individually busy clinical practices.

The syllabus for ‘A Course in Bio-Energetic Medicine’ was jointly developed by drawing on over 24 years of combined successful clinical practice and experience, in the field of Complimentary and Energy Medicine.

Where the course began …

After receiving several requests over a period of time from Dorothy Hall graduates, to learn their particular style of practice … Cath and Fiona decided to embrace the task of researching, writing and presenting a series of structured training workshops in Bio-Energetic Medicine and advanced clinical practice methods.

The course evolved into six weekend workshops presented over eighteen months. Each workshop comprised a balance of intensive theory and practical sessions, with a maximum of eight enrolments per course. All course participants were required to attend each workshop in person and complete additional clinical work experience, to a total of 100 hours.

Workshop One of the first course was facilitated in Canberra in November 2001, from which seven participants graduated and a second course commenced in 2002, with a further six participants graduating in May 2004.

What previous graduates say …

Approximately eighty percent of course graduates have successful clinical practices today, using a combination of their empirical training and post graduate Bio-Energetic Medicine training. Here is what some of them have to say about the course:

“As a Herbal Medicine practitioner, the course empowered me to embark on my own journey using the Vega with confidence. I found the course to be a wonderful mix of both stimulating and thought provoking theory, with a good practical component – providing a solid foundation. I have the utmost respect for Cath and Fiona as practitioners and as teachers of their art. I cannot recommend this course highly enough for anyone wishing to learn about Bio Energetic Medicine and how to use the electro-dermal screening techniques like the VEGA, in practice.” Tessa Woollett, Canberra.

“Cath and Fiona made the course fun and interactive – a great learning experience with plenty of hands-on participation. The course content wasreally interesting, very thorough and presented clearly and competently. It has helped me to be more confident in my practice and I have excellent workbooks and manuals from the course to refer to when needed.” Kirsten Tremlett, Sydney.

“This course has greatly helped develop my skills as a practitioner, giving me another level of diagnostic analysis and enabling me to give my patients better value and a deeper understanding about their health and well being. Apart from the amazing level of theory covered (which reflects Fiona & Cath’s valuable experience) … this course gives you a greater understanding of your own ability as a practitioner and further develops your empathy for patients. Regardless of where my path takes me, I will always have a use for the tools given to me by Fiona and Cath in this course.” Sally McLean, Canberra.

“As a new graduate of herbal medicine, I found the content and delivery of the course gave me an understanding and confidence with using Bio-Energetic Medicine … that I could immediately apply to practice. The reference material has been invaluable over the last eighteen months, as has the continuing support and advice from Cath and Fiona.I have found that using the VEGA continually guides my research and increases my knowledge and understanding with every client. I have gained a far deeper understanding of herbs and remedies than I believe I would have otherwise found, in the short time I have been practicing.” Jane Ordish, Queanbeyan NSW.

Current directions …

Due to the success of the course, late in 2004 Cath and Fiona decided a restructure would be worthwhile, with the aim of offering a more accessible format to other practitioners and students throughout the country. In addition, they began to investigate the possibility of gaining national accreditation (this is an on-going process, which they hope to accomplish within the next few years).

Course restructuring has resulted in all theoretical sessions being grouped into five modules of theoretical tuition, which will be offered as study guides, in a distance learning or correspondence format. The remaining practical sessions have been combined into two face-to-face weekend workshops. By decreasing the amount of workshops to be attended in person, the constraints of time and costs of travelling are greatly reduced.

This Course in Bio-Energetic Medicine is a realistic and achievable means of progressing one’s clinical practice, to the leading edge of our complimentary health industry.